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How to Start a Business and Succeed with it

Starting a business with high chances of success involves starting a business that is right for you and for the market. It also involves ...

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Leveraging Changes in Technology and Environment is a great way to Compete

In a crowded marketplace where every product has multiple suppliers, it is tough to compete. For success in such a market, entrepreneurs have to:

  • Develop better solutions to old problems say, by tapping the power of new technologies. For example, develop a better solution using IoT to improve road maintenance. Innovative and better solutions are made possible by emerging new technologies such as biotech, nanotech, blockchain and Internet  of Things (IoT).

  • Develop cost-effective solutions to problems that are currently solved unsatisfactorily. For example, waste disposal and environmental pollution are problems that are facing more and more communities. By tapping the power of modern biotech to create bacteria that eat waste, both waste disposal and environmental problem can be tackled. 

IndiaBusinessDesign supports entrepreneurs to build successful and growing businesses. We work with businesspersons through all stages from idea generation to operations control - helping to develop business models, create detailed plans, source technologies, negotiate funds and market the business, for example. 

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​What exactly does IndiaBusinessDesign (IBD) do?

The Context: A recent study puts start-up failures at 90%. One reason for the high failure is copying solutions designed for western countries. Entrepreneurs here have to create businesses that deliver solutions to problems India faces. One great opportunity in this context is to tap the power of emerging technologies to develop more effective and affordable solutions.

The Solution: IBD works with businesspersons to create complete business models. Business models look at requirements in all result areas such as marketing, operational skills, cost control, profitability and funding. It would  then explore feasible and viable options for meeting these requirements. In short, it checks whether a proposed business can make money, in India. 

The Benefits: Once a complete and feasible business model is in place, it would be far easier to create impressive business plans, raise funds and manage operations successfully.

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