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IndiaBusinessDesign: Vision, Mission and Values



IndiaBusinessDesign wants to do what it can to help create an India where small businesspersons develop and deliver great solutions to real problems that proliferate in India.


We seek to achieve this vision by working with entrepreneurs to identify the problems they can solve, help them develop superb solutions to these and then create a business to deliver these in a cost effective manner to those who need it.


We believe in:

  • The power of  small business to help people earn a living in a more reliable manner

  • Enhancing the success potential of business by designing it to deliver solutions for unsolved problems

  • The  importance of advance planning for success, and using the  right tools and approaches

  • Creating an ever expanding team with members who believe in the same values

  • Doing all the above in a way that also helps us to survive!


Gopinathan, founder or IndiaBusinessDesign:
•    Started as accountant of a small engineering company after chartered accountancy qualification and rose to financial controller of a business group owning several manufacturing units. Completed several Information System Design and Fund Raising projects
•    Became an entrepreneur as a computer applications developer and delivered over 50 custom applications in key business result areas over the next decade
•    Moved to the web when Internet became mainstream and picked up digital marketing skills through formal training and actual delivery of services
•    Researched and published weekly articles on business management as a Feature Writer for an online publication for over three years
•    Provides business consultancy services involving business planning, financial modelling and marketing planning to clients in different countries since 2012


IndiaBusinessDesign will focus on working with entrepreneurs to convert ideas into fully worked out business plans, and then to support them in implementing the plans. The process could involve sourcing technologies from specialists and IBD will help entrepreneurs to locate competent providers and negotiate terms with them.

Using emerging technologies to develop better solutions to problems, and then adopting a systematic approach to create a business to deliver  those solutions, could indeed mean great results!

Use the Contact Us form below to start the process. We can then start a discussion to find out whether we can work together to create a viable business. The initial discussions are free and you will get a full opportunity to decide whether we meet your expectations.

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Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials are extracted from the Upwork profile of the founder:

Job: Start-up with a website running looking for someone to write business plan & identify business model (Singapore)
Customer Feedback: Definitely a five-star for Gopinathan. Not only due to his wide knowledge and understanding of the area of work but he also patiently guide me to produce the plan. Sometimes he will do additional work just to let me get a better view of things. Although the project had to be ended/on hold due to my personal reason, I will gladly hire and work with Gopinathan again. Great communication as well.


Job: Consultative work for clients in digital marketing (Singapore)
Customer Feedback: Great working with Gopinathan. Responsible and he knows how to value-add you with his expertise. Gopinathan is also a great partner to work on projects with, I look forward to working with Gopinathan again.


Job: business plan (Malaysia)
Customer Feedback: Gopinathan is a superb writer. HIs quality of work is extraordinary. He is always available and stick to the plan. Finished the job very fast and went above and beyond all expectations. Looking forward to working together on future projects.


Job: Startup Consulting (USA)
Customer Feedback: A job well done. I delegated numerous jobs to Gopinathan and he always delivered a valued product in a timely fashion. Plus, his input made us take another look at our start-up strategy which resulted in substantial cost savings. We plan on having Gopinathan lead our digital marketing campaign and plan on using his services on a continuous basis.


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