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A few clients who contacted us

Organic Food Products Company, India

The company was already in operation with an organic farm, a store for organic produce and a restaurant catering organic food. It needed investment to expand operations and repay high interest loans. We worked with them to estimate revenue potential based on specific marketing efforts and create a complete financial model. The detailed model and analyses started discussions that ultimately led to the company getting venture funds.


Factoring using AI, USA

An entrepreneur with training in accounting and experience as a day trader wanted to create a business of factoring invoices for small businesses. The differentiating factor was to use Artificial Intelligence to identify viable proposals based on data available on the web about the applicants and release funds in one day. Unfortunately, the challenge of developing the AI tool proved a bit too great and the proposal had to be dropped as he didn’t want to compete in the intensely competitive industry without a clear differentiation.

Digital Marketing for a Retailer, Singapore

The client was a retailer who designed products that will sell in the local market, got them made in China at low cost and marketed the products mainly through partner retailers. They wanted to explore the possibilities of digital marketing. The work involved doing a SWOT analysis of the client and their existing marketing practices, doing competitor research, and coming up with a comprehensive digital marketing report. Incidentally, the report helped them get a substantial government grant for capability development.

Business Model for a VR App Project, Singapore

A software engineer had started to develop an app that can be used by interior decorators to visualize different décor possibilities without actual purchase of the furniture and other expensive products. A business model was created and the app development was progressing steadily when the founder received a highly remunerative software development offer, and decided to put the project on hold (after giving us a five-star rating for the work we delivered!)


Marketing Material for RPA Services, USA

The client was a software company that wanted to expand their operations into the emerging area of Robotic Process Automation that could reduce costs of routine operations dramatically. Our role was to research the potential of RPA and develop copy that communicated this potential clearly and forcefully. We received a five-star rating for the work delivered.

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