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Join IndiaBusinessDesign as Partners to Achieve a Great Vision

The Vision of IndiaBusinessDesign


The vision of IndiaBusinessDesign (IBD) is an India where small businesspersons deliver solutions to the specific problems India faces. This is very different from making money by doing things that do not really contribute to India's progress. For example: 

  • If a businessperson starts another retail store at a place where there are already many retail stores, it does not add any value

  • On the other hand, if you develop a household solution for waste disposal in a community where waste is a big problem, you are adding major value

  • And if you can sell the solution at an affordable price, you could create a prosperous business.


IBD's mission is to support entrepreneurs in creating such valuable businesses. When more and more businesses focus on solving different problems, life in India will get transformed. We will:

  • Encourage entrepreneurs to tap the power of emerging technologies to develop better solutions to old problems, and

  • Support them to create prospering and growing business ventures.

Will you Join IBD to Achieve this Vision?

If the vision to transform India by getting businesspersons to focus on solving India's problems, instead just trying to make money, appeals to you, why not  join us. (Actually, it is businesses that solve widespread problems  that  make more money!)


Just complete the Contact Us form  and we will start discussions on how we can work together. IBD will be focusing on:

  • Marketing business consultancy services through its network of business consultants and

  • Working with technologists to develop projects that solve specific problems.

When marketing gains a critical momentum, the business consultants and technologists can expect a steady stream of assignments. Additionally, they will be participating in transforming life in India!

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