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Services Delivered by IndiaBusinessDesign

Initial Discussions

Free of Charge

The goal at this stage is to gain a good understanding of your business and your expectations. The discussions proceed generally as follows:

  • We send you a structured questionnaire to get an overall picture, which you answer to the extent you can

  • An open discussion follows during which both of us get to know each other better, and we also get to know your requirements and expectations

  • Based on the findings of the above, we tell you what we can do to meet your expectations

  • At this stage, you can decide whether to go ahead and retain our services

  • If you decide to go ahead, we discuss and agree on milestones and terms and the project starts

Consulting Services

Negotiated Charges

Consulting services will be mainly advisory in nature. We provide guidance for actions you have to take to achieve results in different business area:

  • Marketing

    • Develop a marketing message that communicates the value of your offer

    • Identify the media to put the message in front of your prospects

    • Create a detailed marketing plan and action calendar for the marketing campaign

    • Set up analytics to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign

  • Operations

    • Outline the key activities involved in delivering your offer to you customers

    • Design the processes to ensure quality acceptable to your customers

    • Explore options to achieve lower costs while ensuring quality as above

    • Identify resources needed to carry out all the processes – in-house and outsourced

  • Financials

    • Identify data needed to create a complete financial model

    • Gather the data and develop a detailed financial model

    • Assess funding needs and the options for meeting these needs

    • List the requirements for achieving profitability and growth

  • Social

    • Discuss likely environmental, societal and other social impact of the project, if significant

    • Explore options to increase positive impact and reduce any adverse impact

    • Generate a report on final decisions

The consulting services will also cover strategy discussions, including the significance of strategy and developing a clear strategy for competing in the market. 

Implementation Support

Could Depend on Third Party Rates

Implementation support will involve co-opting third party specialists in areas such as technology, offline market research and attending to the detailed tasks of marketing plan. Terms will have to be negotiated based on what these specialists charge for their services. Our focus will be on finding experts in each area who can be depended upon to deliver effective services. We will also help you to set up effective working arrangements with them to facilitate service delivery.

Service Examples and Customer Testimonials


The founder of IndiaBusinessDesign has been delivering consultancy services to clients in different countries. Examples of services provided and the testimonials from customers are provided towards the bottom. Please do scroll down to see these.

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New Startup Consulting

New entrepreneurs are likely to have questions such as:

  • What business should I start? How can I generate a business idea that has good profitability and growth potential?

  • Once a business idea has been selected, how should I proceed to convert that idea into an operating business? And do it with minimum wastage of time and money?

  • How much money will I need to set up and carry on the business till the business becomes self-sustaining?

  • How should I go about raising funds from lenders and investors?

  • How can I market my product or service successfully and achieve sales volumes that generate profits?

IBD will work with you to answer the above questions and create a fully worked out business plan. And then continue to work with you to execute the plan and create a successfully operating business. We use a step by step process that minimizes the time and costs involved.

Customer Testimonial

Job: A software engineer with a Virtual Reality product idea wanted help for developing a business model and a fully worked out business, financial and marketing plan. We started with a questionnaire to assemble a clear picture of the business idea and then worked with the entrepreneur to assemble the data needed for a complete business plan, including marketing and  financial plan.

Customer Feedback: "Definitely a five-star for Gopinathan. Not only due to his wide knowledge and understanding of the area of work but he also patiently guide me to produce the plan. Sometimes he will do additional work just to let me get a better view of things. Although the project had to be ended/on hold due to my personal reason, I will gladly hire and work with Gopinathan again. Great communication as well."

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Improving Business Results

If you are a business owner, you might have questions such as:

  • Why is my business not growing as I had hoped? Is there something I can do to re-start the growth?

  • What can I do to increase my sales volumes? Is there something wrong with my marketing efforts?

  • How can I reduce costs without affecting the effectiveness of my marketing? 

  • How can I raise funds for an expansion project?

IBD can work with you to find answers for the above questions, and develop action plans to improve business results. We will work with you to analyze current situation and identify the key bottleneck that is preventing growth. Identifying the REAL BOTTLENECK is the most critical first step for an effective action program.

Customer Testimonial

Job: An organic food company with organic farms, a store for organic produce and a restaurant catering organic food needed investment to expand operations and repay high interest loans. We worked with them to estimate revenue potential based on specific marketing efforts and create a complete financial model. The detailed model and analyses started discussions that ultimately led to the company getting venture funds.

Customer Feedback: "Working with Gopinathan was a great experience. He took pains to understand our requirements and assemble needed information. And produced a complete financial model that indicated profitability under different levels of operations and other assumptions. The model also included estimates of funding needs to carry on the business to a cash surplus stage."

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Tapping the Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has added a new dimension to the marketing process:

  • It has lowered the cost of marketing. You can reach local, national or international markets at surprisingly low costs

  • It has improved the ease of creating effective campaigns. You can get active help in creating great ads, and measure the effectiveness of each ad and campaign (so that you can stop non-performing ads and campaigns)

However, effective digital marketing is not a simple process. For one, there are too many media - such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising, Social Media Campaigns, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and more. Additionally, the best practices for all these media are not the same; each has its own set of practices for producing desired results.

IBD has specialized experience in digital marketing and can work with you to tap its immense power to build your brand and increase your sales volumes.

Customer Testimonial

Job: A client in Singapore who designed consumer products meeting local tastes, got these made cheaply in China and used personal contacts to market these through retail outlets wanted to tap the power of digital marketing. We did a SWOT analysis to identify his strong points, reviewed his competitors who were already using digital media to good effect and created a complete digital marketing plan to compete in the market.

Customer Feedback: "Great working with Gopinathan. Responsible and he knows how to value-add you with his expertise. Gopinathan is also a great partner to work on projects with, I look forward to working with Gopinathan again."

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